About me

My name is Timi. I was born in the magical capital city of Hungary, in Budapest and I am still living here. Since I know my mind travelling has it’s own unquestionable part in my life.

When I was a kid, each summer we were going to travel few countries for 3-4 weeks by car. Sleeping in camping, sometimes in car and just in very few cases in an apartment. We are a family of 6, so you can imagine how much these trips were making us as a real family with all the funny, breathtaking, memorable and sometimes harder moments.

I believe they could not give me more. This was feeding my soul, extending my knowledge about the world with a day by day increased need for seeing more and knowing more about this amazing planet we live in.

With the time, I started my own travels: I was 18, when I went to my first solo trip from my own money. Since that, I have seen 4 continents, 33 countries, so many amazing cities, climbed incredible mountains, met encouraging and inspiring people and spent so much of a fun time with the people around.

So here I am, a traveloholic girl, with a huge passion about travelling and an addiction to this beautiful world.


The Macaron Girl