2 weeks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not yet on your bucket list?

Then here are some reasons to start packing immediately 🙂




People from Pura Vida Culture

Your life gets a bit slower, gets a bit more relaxed and you forget to rush. This is the country of pura vida, and when they say it they truly mean it.

If Costa Rica teaches You something, it teaches You to be more patient. This is a place, where people never heard about stress. They are super relaxed and super kind. There is a kind of peaceful happiness in the air.

Do not worry! Everything will be okey :). You feel this in the air and believe me, it is so easy to adjust yourself to this way of thinking 😉


Endless possibility of hiking and a magic place for waterfall-lovers

I love hiking and everyone, who follows my IG account – knows, that I believe there are not many more magical moments, than watching a sunrise from the top of a beautiful mountain.

Next to the endless volcano – and mountain hikes, there are literally at least thousand waterfalls in this small country with many amazing ones.


Surf paradise

There are many beaches where you can enjoy the waves: Tamarindo, Nosara, Jaco, Pavones… just to name few of them.

Personally I tried it in Tamarindo – first time ever in my life 🙂 – and it was awesome. I loved every moments of it.

If You stay at Tamarindo reach this crazy french guy out : Lalot Jean-Michel (midepain@hotmail.com / tel: (506) 8816 3707). He lives in CR for the last 15 years and he is really a good teacher who – no doubt 🙂 – adopted the Pura Vida lifestyle. Super friendly, super kind, super relaxed and you will learn how to surf – I guarantee You.


Best avocados I have ever tasted

I officially became an avocado lover. In Europe it is really tough to find good avocados.

Definitely do not miss to taste an avo toast.


Wildest wildlife ever

Hummingbirds are flying into your balcony in the morning, while you are eating your breakfast, monkeys, frogs, sloth are crossing the beach when you are laying in the sand and drinking your cocnut coctail.

Can You imaigine a life, when You wake up each day in this paradise?

For the Costa Rican People it is not just a dream… they truly live a life like that. These are the Costa Rican everydays.


Latin american colors

I think this is my favourite thing in Central America. They live a colorful life, not just inside but outside as well. All the shop signs, billboards, houses, fences, everything is painted so colorfully. They truly have a passion for life! I LOVE IT!!!!




This is a country with tropical climate, so you need to plan your visit consciously.

Rainy season starts in May, prices are going down, weather gets more rainy, but I would say May and June are still perfect time to visit the country, especially at Tamarindo area, which is a good starting point for your day-trips.

I have been there at the end of May/beg of June, rain came after 7-8pm almost every day and ended at 4-5 AM in the morning, so during the day it was ideal with strong sun – I got a pretty nice tan 😉

September and October are the worst months in terms of number of rainy days, better to avoid your trip during these two month. On the below link you can look for the average daily temperature and monthly precipitation.

Costa Rica Weather





San Jose

They say San Jose is one of the ugliest Central American city.

Well, I would not go that far, but certainly it is not such a fancy place. There is an okeyish market to visit, a theatre, a relatively small downtown  and than it is pretty much the end of the list, what you can check out in SJ.

On the other hand, there is one place to eat, which is a must and certainly you should not miss to try it out.

Container Platz in Santa Ana area


One of the coolest places ever!!! You can taste many of the central american food at a place with such a special vibe.

The food spots are truly made from containers, my favs were tequenos and sugar free chcolate & nut ice cream 🙂


Rio Celeste

My absolute favourite one, this should be definitely on your itinery if you go to CR.

RC can be reached without a guided tour as well, but there is a adventurous rain forest trip starts at Rio Celeste waterfall, which is worth to do if you want to feel the vibe of a real jungle.

You can see charming flowers, colorful frogs, amazing trees and their roots. For this a guide is pretty much recommended, they can share lots of information about the jungle wild life.


The most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen (and I have seen quite many?) The color of the water is not a result of some photo editing tricks, but it really is crystal blue

Rio Celeste – or on its English name “Light Blue River “ – was a mystery for the scientist until very recently as they could not fully explain why it has this special light blue color.

It is now known, that the blue color arises due to a physical phenomenon known as Mie scattering – triggered by the presence of certain minerals in the river’s water, that causes sunlight to reflect in such a colorful way .

My absolute favourite place in Costa Rica.


La Fortuna


La Fortuna Waterfall  – also called as Catarata Fortuna – is in central Costa Rica in the Alajuela Province. The waterfall drops about 75 meters and is at the base of the dormant Chato volcano, but lays also very close to Arenal volcano.

The waterfall is fed by the Arenal River, which travels through the rain forest in the Arenal Mountain range until it plunges over the cliff, forming this waterfall.

Standing in front of this huge and powerful waterfall is an incredible feeling.

Some useful information about the guided tours, the waterfall and the prices on the below link: http://www.fortunawelcome.com/attraction/la-fortuna-waterfall/


La Paz Watrefall Gardens


This is the number 1 attraction in Costa Rica. When this country comes to your mind, you imagine a lush, green environment, with tropical rain forest, spectacular waterfalls, amazing wild life, hummingbirds flying around and they guarantee you will get it all at La Paz Waterfall gardens. And I can confirm they say it right.

There are five waterfalls in the garden, cloud forest and rain forest, great and safe hiking trails, possibility to see numerous species of birds, butterfly observatory, hummingbird garden – you can even feed them :),  jaguars, pumas, ocelots and much more…

All of these offered at one place – truly a great experience.

Some useful information about the park, opening schedule and fees on the below link: http://www.waterfallgardens.com/la_paz_waterfall_gardens.php


Arenal Vulcano and the hot springs


What is better, than climbing a mountain and then enjoying the so much deserved rest by soaking in thermal waters heated to therapeutic temperatures by a volcano. Trust me it is feels even better, than it sounds.

There are few great natural hot springs in this area. We have tried Titoku Hot Springs (link below) and it was seriously a perfect treatment.




Rincon De La Viaje

is one of the six active volcanoes In Costa Rica, laying in the Guanacaste province and stands 1916 meters above sea level. It erupted most recently in September 2011.

Its name means “The Old Woman’s Corner” referring to a local legend about a girl whose lover was thrown into the crater by her father. She became a recluse living on the mountain and was credited with powers of healing.

You can take a guided tour to see the wild life of the volcano, however unfortunately you cannot go to the summit as they found it too dangerous, so it is closed since 2017. It is really a pity as it is beautiful from above, but we know safety first!.



Manuel Antonio NP



This National Park offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica with white sand, turquoise blue water, coconut tree and monkeys around 🙂

You can find places to stay from luxury resorts to small boutique hotels and places to eat starting from a five star sheaf who cook a menu only for you to cute local street food trucks :). You will find a place for your preference – no doubt.



I spent 2 amazing weeks in this country, hiked spectacular volcanoes, rest my tired legs in hot springs, I was watching hummingbirds from 30 cm distance, while enjoying my breakfast tea, learnt to surf from a crazy french guy, tried frozen mohito, was watching the most beautiful sunset ever at Tamarindo’s beach… and the list could continue..

I booked this trip when my soul was broken and I left this place with not just magical memories, but it healed my soul – totally. I will be forever grateful to this country and to my friend, Eszter and her husband, who were so kind and made sure I enjoy my time at Costa Rica 🙂





  1. Antonia
    2018-11-29 / 00:11

    ??? Love your IG account and your travel site. I read with pleasure every post. You make a good job.

    • Máthé Tímea
      2019-04-30 / 14:52

      Thank you very much! I am so glad you like it!?

    • Máthé Tímea
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      I am so glad it was useful!?

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      Thank you! It is my pleasure?

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    2019-08-26 / 12:25

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    • Máthé Tímea
      2019-08-28 / 08:10

      Szia Annamari?
      köszönöm szépen!
      3 helyen volt összesen szállásom:
      1 nap San Jose – megerkezés napja, többet nem érdemes ott tölteni
      Tamarindo volt a főhadiszállás – innen szerveztem az összes napi-túrámat, amibe beletartozott az utazás is, tehát mindig a szálláson vettek fel, és onnan indult a túra.
      2 napot szálltam még meg Manuel Antonio-nal, itt egyik ottani ismerősöm autójával mentünk el a hotspringsekhez és a nemzeti parkba.

      San Josebol Tamarindoba magan busszal mentem le. Nezd meg a neten, nagyon sok szolgaltato szervez buszjaratokat.?

      Erezzetek jol magatokat!?

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