Milan baby – our 48 hours in the city


Milan is not a typical – undeniably – Italian city. I have been there 5 times already, but the more I come here, the more I start to value this special – highly demanding fashion capital.


Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

There are so many local designer shops here and even if You do not want to spend a bigger part of your monthly salary on some new, pretty shoes & clothes, You will love watching the beautifully designed and decorated shop-windows. Personally, for me this is as much enjoyable as buying a whole new wardrobe… okey, maybe a bit less 🙂

Aperol Spritz

Who knows me, also knows that I am an ASA aka Aperol Spritz Addict – I think we need a registered abbreviation for this ;). I love sitting in pubs and coffees with an Aperol in my hand, while chit-chatting and discussing the big things of life.

Where to drink the best aperol? Terazza Aperol is the best choice. Do not miss this Aperol heaven with the best view to Duomo. One of the most instagrammable spots all around Milan!

Looking around at the top of Duomo

I think this does not need a detailed explanation 😉


All those funny old – school yellow trams

Do not miss to take a picture with them. For this best spot is at the Arco Della Pace.



Eating gelato, when the temperature is below 20 °C degrees is something I value very high. It just has a very good vibe. I have never seen that many people licking their ice cream while walking from one place to another.  But I am really happy to join the club.



There is no bad answer for this, actually You can go anytime. Temperature in Milan rarely goes below 0 °C and definitely not as hot as Rome during summer time. On the below link You can find some useful information regarding daily temperature averages from January to December:


For me Milan is not about the sights, but about fashion, Aperol, fashion, great pastas, fashion, pubs and coffees with good vibe, fashion, football .. ohh and have I mentioned fashion already? 😉

But still, there are some DO NOT MISS sights, which You need to see if You pay a visit to this city.



Duomo is such a pretty cathedral, but it shows it’s prettiest face if You take the stairs – or the elevator – and climb it. Once You are up there, You will see how beautifully detailed this cathedral is, literally looks like a stone lace – simple perfectionism. The view is one of the best from the top.

Useful TIP on how to skip the queue

  1. Shop the ticket online (link below)

2. Or look around carefully. There are 2 queues, where You can buy the tickets up to the Duomo. Smarter choice is the one at the side of Duomo. This is surely a much shorter one as it is less visible. If You are not sure, where You can find that line, ask the guard standing there – You will save at least 30 minutes.

Ticket types and prices (link below)



Arco Della Pace & Parco Sempione

This arch is pretty much reminding me to the one in Paris, definitely a smaller one, but has a similar vibe. Do not miss the park in front of the arco, but avoid it late night, did not look too safe to walk through on that.


Castello Sforzesco

I am a castle lover! Always loved the stories behind them and just loved imagining how life could be back to old times when princesses and princes were wearing beautiful costumes, walking in the gardens and just chit-chatting 🙂

This castle was built in the middle of 15th century by Francesco Sforza and later it was ruled by the French and Spanish as well for several years. After having some harder times it was concured back in the 16th century. Today the castle is on of the symbol of Milan. Personally this castle is not one of my all time favourites, but definitely worth a visit.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuale II

The elegant salon of Milan with fancy shops and without doubt the most beautiful “shopping mall” I have ever seen. This building makes a connection between Piazza della Scala and Piazza del Duomo. Do not miss to look up to the magical glass roof.

Via Sant Andrea & Via Manzoni & Via Montenapoleone

Best streets for shopping and breathing in the fashion of Milan. While Via Sant Andrea is rather for the big fashion houses, on the two sides of Manzoni and Via Montenapoleone You can find both the smaller international brands and local designer shops.

Naviglio Grande









My favourite part of the city and unquestionably the place where you can feel that italian vibe the most. At nigh the area becomes buzzy, a very popular zone among the Milanese citizens with great restaurants and pubs.

Go for a football match

I do love Italian football. Not saying I would spend my afternoon / night with watching football in TV, but going out to watch it in live is certainly a great experience. In Italy football has a tradition, whole families are going together as a Saturday fun, definitely do not miss it.



  1. Ristoranti Pizzeria Maruzzella – for those searching for the best italian food
  2. Crazy Cat Cafe – for all the cat lovers
  3. Officina 12 – best appetizers at Naviglio Grande
  4. El Brellin – lovely restaurant in a Gothic building with outside terrace  and super delicious Italian food (call them for table reservation)








The Macaron Girl



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  1. 2019-02-27 / 17:44

    Happy to hear you like my hometown 🙂 you should also pay a visit to the Brera neighborhood next time you come, and for shopping designer clothes and furnitures the Tortona area near Porta Genova is nice too.

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